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Well Inspections


Check on pressures, off pressures, differential pressure, bladder tank pressure, gallons per minute pumping rate, the type of well, location of well, depth of well, type of casing, pump size, voltage, pump capacity, pump manufacturer, equipment condition, pressure tank, capacity, who it was installed by, if available from county records when well installed  etc., all provided on a written report. 

Septic Inspections


Perform load test on septic system, list type of building, number bedrooms, if there is a garbage grinder, determining size of field, location of tank and field, if available from county records when septic system installed, type and capacity of tank, soil test, percolation test, constructed by, inspected by, drawing of system in relationship to well and home, etc., all provided on a written report. 

Water Quality Testing


Pull water samples and supply to a State of Michigan certified lab to test for E-coli, Coliform (Bacteria), Nitrates, Nitrites, Lead, Arsenic, etc., all provided on a written report.  

Radon Testing


Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States next to cigarette smoking. Radon in this area is very prevalent and should be tested for when buying a home by a certified testing company. Our test is performed with a certified Radon Testing Unit placed in the home for 48 hours to obtain hourly readings and the client is provided with a written report consisting of the hourly readings and a visual graph of the results. 

Lead Testing


Take random samples of possible lead painting exposure areas and blotter test for presence of lead contamination. We can explain types of remediation and answer any questions you have about it.

No Water? No Problem!


We provide pressure testing to test plumbing in homes with the water turned off. Tired of pesky banks not being able to turn the water on for you? Have no worries because we can still test the plumbing and identify any leaks!